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Weavingsongs: Links

Diana Rowan

Harpist and teacher extraordinaire.

John Westling of Sandpiper Harps

Luthier extraordinaire.

Community Music School

Excellent resource for all things music.

Sylvan Music

Excellent music store and staff; I trust them with my treasured Sandpiper harps.

Stacey Hatfield of Tin Knocker Jewelry

Stacey's signature watercolor beautifully enhances my web site.

The Tannery

"The Tannery Arts Center is dedicated to providing an affordable, accessible and sustainable home for Santa Cruz County artists and arts, cultural, education and heritage organizations so that all offerings on this historically significant campus may be enjoyed by residents, visitors and the general public." (Tannery web site)

Saori Santa Cruz

Here is everything about Japanese free form weaving via Jill Sanders of Saori Santa Cruz.  Jill is an inspiring artist and teacher who "is dedicated to helping develop an individual’s creativity through weaving". (SSC web site)

Hidden Peak Teahouse

The Hidden Peak Teahouse is a treasure trove of tea, relaxation and live music, not to be missed. Check them out on Facebook for their calendar of events; then come and enjoy!

Maverick Mailing

"Maverick Mailing offers advanced data processing, layout, design, printing and fast, professional,
mailing services."  They are creative, flexible and easy to work with. Thumbs way up!

Devi Pride Photography

My top choice for photography and videography!